Preparation: 6 areas of growth during singleness

This week we are going to focus on singleness and how to thrive while waiting for your future partner. While we all want to find the right person and be in a loving relationship, there are things we should work on while preparing for Mr. or Mrs. Right. First, let’s establish that singleness is a blessing and we all should be willing to take advantage of it. Today we will look at six areas of growth to strive for in our singleness. 

Work on Finances

Listen having bad credit and no budget is not the wave in life. Especially if you are looking to build with someone in the future. Singleness is the best time to get your finances in order. You can start by mapping out your goals, learning to budget your money, work on your credit if need be and save your money. Don’t wait until you are in a relationship to start building your money foundation. I have learned a lot while being in a relationship, but I also wish I would have learned to budget better and save much more during my singleness. 

This would also be a great time to focus on your career aspirations. Make that money honey. Be selfish and go after the job you want. Move to a different state and make a decision that will benefit you. While you can also do this while you are in a relationship, when you are single you don’t have to consider anyone else in your decisions.

Create Solid Friendships

It will always take a village to get through life, so take the time to build your village. Spend time with your friends, take trips and enjoy all the time you have with them. The reality is that once we get into a relationship our friendships tend to take a back burner in our lives. This usually happens by accident, but it does happen. This is why spending time with your friends is important.

This will also be a great time to learn how to spread your time between friends. I know for myself since I don’t tend to mix my friends very often I had to learn how to spend time with all my friends as equally as possible. Now, this doesn’t always happen because friendship drifts apart and back together as life happens, but this will help you develop a key skill when you are in a relationship. How to give attention to everyone in your life. Even your family. So get out there and make new friends, work on the friendships you have and have fun.

Build Relationship with God

Growing up in church I have always had some type of relationship with God. Some times my relationship was stronger than others, but I do know that my relationship with God has always directed my path. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, take the time out to build your faith. This will not only help order your steps in dating, but it will help you build a foundation on what a relationship should look like.

To be afraid to pray to pray for your future mate. Pray for their spiritual journey, their qualities, and for your God to watch over them. Pray makes a difference in any relationship. Began to build a solid prayer life. I know when I went to God I asked him for a man that will pray over our relationship wholeheartedly, and that exactly what I got. My boyfriend and I do not leave the house without praying. So don’t be afraid to pray for what you want.

Work on Baggage

Go ahead get that suitcase of baggage out the corner, began to unpack and work on any issues. While we may not be able to work on every issue we have, our time alone is a great time to get to fixing. Work on your mommy and daddy issue, learn to trust again and find appropriate ways to communicate your feeling. None of us are perfect and we all have flaws, so let’s take the time to work on them.

This would be a great time to start therapy, work on forgiveness, and change bad habits.  Work on becoming the person you want to be. Again we all have imperfections, but some things are fixable. Unlearn traditions that may be hindering your growth. Learn to become open-minded and unset in your ways.

Develop Self- love

Self-love will always be the best love you can have. This time like no other is when you should be working on showing yourself the most love. There are many reasons why you should develop a self-love, but here is the reason why I believe it’s important. Self-love helps you learn what love looks like to you. Believe it or not, the more love we pour into ourselves the less bull we will allow others to bring into our life. Self-love also teaches us how to show our partner love. Yup, I said it. When we love ourselves we are better lovers.

Know What You Are Looking For

I talked about knowing what you want in my last blog, so let me make this quick. Take the time out to really figure out what qualities you want in a partner. Learn what qualities you should be looking for, get out and date, but don’t forget to pray. Also, know that a person doesn’t have to be perfect for the rest of the world just perfect for you.

Singleness is not a death sentence and doesn’t have to be a lonely time in your life. Make the most of it. Get out, have fun and explore the world. Get the job you always wanted, build your relationship with your God and build friendships with an unbreakable bond. Take the time out to become the person you want to be and truly understand what your perfect partner looks like.  

Life is to short to always focus on what you don’t have. Live in abundance. My motto: Live, Love, Appreciate.

Happy Dating

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