Joyfulness: 4 Ways to Create a Life Filled with Joy

We are all looking for something in life that brings us joy. Sometimes what I tend to find is that when you ask someone what brings them joy they tend to run off a list of people, things, or places. While those things may bring them some type of happiness and make them feel good,… Continue reading Joyfulness: 4 Ways to Create a Life Filled with Joy

Don’t Cross That Line: Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries

Having healthy personal boundaries helps us lay the groundwork for healthy boundaries when dating and in relationships. We have to know what specific boundaries we need to have and the consequences for stepping over them. I know for me setting boundaries in my life has become pivotal in my self-development, but this was not always… Continue reading Don’t Cross That Line: Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries

Self-Love: Using the 5 Love Languages to Love Yourself

The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman is a game changer when it comes to relationships and learning how to communicate with your partner. It has easily help me figure out my love language and what I need from my significant other to feel loved.  If you haven't read the book here are the… Continue reading Self-Love: Using the 5 Love Languages to Love Yourself

Containing the Mess Part 1: Stressor vs Triggers

Dealing with unrequited love, abandonment, or abuse can leave a mess in your life. Even with this mess all of us still have to work, take care of our families and keep going on with everyday life. There will always be things that will get you down, stops you in your tracks or makes you feel like you can’t keep going. I find that identifying these things helps make life a little easier. You can better prepare yourself and have processes in place that support you get back to sunny days and blue skies. Learning your stressors and triggers are extremely important.