More than I’m Sorry: The 5 Languages of Apology

We all want to feel loved and appreciated; but what happens when someone falls short of that mark. How do they make it right in your eyes? How are you expecting them to express to you that they are sorry? All life relationships come with there ups and downs. So why not have a cheat code on how to properly apologized to those we hurt. Like all things, this may not work for everyone, but it does give us a great foundation on where to start. Let's dive into the 5 Languages of Apology and change the way we express how sorry we are the ones who matter the most.

Preparation: 6 areas of growth during singleness

This week we are going to focus on singleness and how to thrive while waiting for your future partner. While we all want to find the right person and be in a loving relationship, there are things we should work on while preparing for Mr. or Mrs. Right. First, let's establish that singleness is a… Continue reading Preparation: 6 areas of growth during singleness