Joyfulness: 4 Ways to Create a Life Filled with Joy

We are all looking for something in life that brings us joy. Sometimes what I tend to find is that when you ask someone what brings them joy they tend to run off a list of people, things, or places. While those things may bring them some type of happiness and make them feel good,… Continue reading Joyfulness: 4 Ways to Create a Life Filled with Joy

Moving to the BEYOND of Unrequited Love: 4 tips to begin the healing from abadonment

Recovering from abandonment it not an easy process. Coping and moving on has been very important in my recovery process. I decided to stop letting my hurt and pain control my life and emotions, and I mindfully work on my healing. In my last blog shared I shared my story, today I will share four things I had to accept to begin my healing process.